As a company with an international operating focus, SAMTEX is permanently aware of the social and ethical aspects that shape its business as it takes into account the impact of its activities on both society and the environment.

In addition to quality, efficiency and profitability, human and moral values must not be neglected. This aspect is of critical importance to the owners of Samtex, Eva and Oliver Hilgers.

“We have always endeavoured to offer our customers the highest quality at reasonable prices, while never failing to fulfil our corporate responsibility”.

As a specialist in high-quality knitwear, SAMTEX stands for sophisticated, pure and desirable products as well as for an acute awareness of its own responsibility in terms of fair, ethically correct production conditions.

Here, state-of-the-art machines can be found in a family-like atmosphere, a place where German know-how meets Chinese diligence. Our predominantly Cashmere & Merino knitwear is produced at our manufacturer in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, with a great passion for the product and a high degree of flexibility using state-of-the-art equipment from the Stoll Company.

“Regular visits to our friendly family business in Inner Mongolia are a matter close to our heart.”

With our team of 8 professionals, we prove every day that sustainability and a product of the highest standards are not mutually exclusive. We use sustainable materials and continuously work to ensure fair working conditions, a conscientious approach to production and a transparent supply chain.

“For us, sustainability does not simply mean the use of certified yarns, but extends from transparent cooperation with our customers at eye level to the creation of fair working conditions”.

For this reason, the knitwear factory was certified in 2019 according to the BSCI standard in cooperation with our Chinese partner and is subject to near-continuous monitoring and checks through our monthly on-site visit.

For example, employees receive a higher than average wage, workplaces are generously sized, the sanitary facilities are clean and the family-run canteen serves meals paid for by the company.

All this ensures that every employee remains loyal to the manufacturer in the long-term. A guarantee of quality, because building expertise requires time and experience.

“Purity, authenticity and sustainability have always been at the core of our efforts to produce and manufacture products of the highest quality.”

Natural dyes are the key to high-quality materials from which our Cashmere & Merino knitwear is made. Season after season, our yarn suppliers ZHONGYING; UPW, TOPLINE and SÜDWOLLE invest in intensive research & development work to make sure that the materials become ever better and more sustainable.
Sustainability and transparency are ensured by the appropriate certificates.