Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. This is why we offer efficient turnaround times, small minimum order quantities and competitive prices.

Based on the highest level of reliability, individuality and quality, SAMTEX is dedicated to pursuing excellence in products and service. We take our customers’ and partners’ business and success as seriously as our own and live a comprehensive business approach.

”We understand our customers and their needs and adapt our solutions accordingly.”

Wishes and wool

Customer care and passion for the product play an integral part in our daily work. Our solutions are designed to match our customer’s as well as the product’s requirements. This is what drives our team – from developing an idea to the final check of the product.

An eye for material and design

Based on a wealth of experience and broad knowledge in the creation of highest quality knitwear, SAMTEX has developed an acute understanding of creativity and design; as well as an eye for trends and style, a competence for organisation and a global network for the required sourcing.

”Our comprehensive expertise makes us reliable partners and guarantees transparency.”

Full service and reliability guarantee

We offer a full service, either as advisers or in a fulfillment role: From the very first idea, to sampling, production, and logistical solutions as well as taking care of custom tax issues. This bespoke process is tailored to your requirements and complies with high international quality standards. SAMTEX combines full integrity with innovation and risk management.