SAMTEX is renowned for sustainable production and cooperative partnerships with suppliers and customers. To realize this we have built a stable infrastructure along the whole supply chain. For many years, our reach has been extended as far as Inner Mongolia. The result is: products of a continually high quality, transparency throughout the whole process and predictable delivery times.

”Fast – sustainable – inexpensive is a challenge we overcome daily.”

Common production standards, a high level of transparency in the production process and flexible volumes and production times are instrumental to this challenge.

Our own local team and the trusted relationship with our knitwear manufacturers in Inner Mongolia guarantees the delivery of orders on attractive terms. We are able to offer moderate minimum order quantities and cater for specific customers’ requirements.

”Strict quality assurance and long-term business relationships guarantee highest quality standards.”

To fulfil this promise we only use premium yarns of international suppliers and manage our supply chain to the highest standard. We have worked with every single partner at every step of the process for many years. We aim to improve this process continously in order to secure our lead in the production of the finest knitwear.

By combining German process quality management with Chinese product quality, the premium character of the raw product is maintained throughout the whole process. As an end product we guarantee unique highest-quality garments.

”Being adaptable and responding rapidly are our greatest strengths.”

We provide the highest possible adaptability. With our efficient closed production system we can cater for your individual needs while maintaining highest quality and complying with German production standards.